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Top tips for blocked drains

Updated: Jul 5, 2020

Do you have a shower that just won’t drain? Or a toilet that gurgles when flushing? Maybe even outdoor flooding? These are all signs of a blocked drain.

Blocked drains originate from a range of factors. It could be trapped rubbish or sediment and dirt in the pipes, however the most common cause of blocked drains is tree roots blocking or damaging the pipes.

We have the experience needed to assess and fix your drains. Our drain machine allows us to clear even the toughest of blockages. We provide same day service as blocked drains can often lead to flooding if left uncleared.

If the blockage has been caused by tree roots that have damaged your pipe then we are more than happy to replace them. We have the knowledge and equipment necessary to replace the pipes – damaged sections or in full.

We also have a drain camera which allows us to investigate the pipes. We can find out what is causing your blockage and the exact location of it, which can save you time and money down the line, especially if your pipes have been damaged.

We understand that blocked drains can be a hassle, so here are some of our top tips:

  • Avoid putting popular bathroom items like wet wipes and sanitary products down the toilet. Unlike toilet paper, these products do not break down and some are even designed to expand. As they expand, they can get caught in sediment such as fats, grease, dirt or a combination of them, and cause blockages.

  • Your best bet for unblocking a toilet DIY style is with a plunger. Chemical solutions may work, but may also wear out your pipes.

  • If your shower has trouble draining, it may be blocked with hair. If possible, take out your shower plug and remove the hair from it. It should not take force to remove the plug, so if it does consider asking an expert. Hair is a common cause of shower blocking, and an easy fix. However, if this does not work, chances are there is a deeper problem – so don’t hesitate to give us a bell.

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